Redefining sexy after 50

Our new sexual health campaign is taking an old fashion approach: What makes you feel sexy? Every time we ask our audience the same question we get deeper and deeper answers. Feeling sexy after a certain age is not about the body, the hair, or the fashions anymore. It is all about what we reach within ourselves. We finally have the choice to make decisions in reference to our sexuality, how we spend our time, and our relationships. We must acquire the knowledge we need to benefit our health and get the strength to avoid compromising when it comes to sex and risky behaviors…that’s all the new sexy. Empowerment, knowledge, strength and experience are the new face of sexiness for older adults. We wanted to portrait healthy, happy, and self confident New Yorkers who would help us deliver this new message. In the end all we want is to make people think for a moment. We want them to see themselves on the posters or on the Facebook ads and take some action: from finding more information on how to protect themselves from getting infected by HIV or any other STI, or adopting new safer sexual practices, or to get tested. We hope this effort would inspire others in this journey to educate and empower the aging community and make them feel sexy again. FERNANDO ELATINA EMICHELLE EROBERT ESAMMY E