Candieslady Reviews [May] Understand Truth and Decide!

Candieslady Reviews [May] Understand Truth and Decide! -> This article will tell you about a new online store that sells women’s clothing.

Summer is here and if you may have been scouting for online stores for light t-shirts. Haven’t you? Then you may have come across Candieslady.

T-shirts are considered as summer staples, be it men or women. When rushing out on a hot summer day, you tend to wear the closest t-shirt you can spot. They are available in different colors, prints, styles, etc. which makes them the most versatile article of clothing. 

The Candieslady Reviews supplies you with information regarding a new online store that has some fashionable outfits to offer. These designed by independent designers, which makes the site attractive. 

Now, Candieslady is selling in the United State and planning on spreading its wings to other countries as well. 

If you are still reading this post and eagerly wish to know Is Candieslady Legit, then you will have to continue reading the post to find that out. 

Is Candieslady Legit? 

People often wonder if a site is legit or not when they cannot find customer reviews or provide the required information. Given the current scenario, it is of utmost importance to give the customer transparency in areas that allow a customer to reach the brand. 

The site has a very recent creation date address and talks about selling high quality as well as exclusive fashion products by a lot of independent designers. They do not provide any clarity when it comes to their contact details and the return address. 

What is Candieslady? 

Candiesladyis an online shopping website specifically for women’s tops, t-shirts, select bottoms, and dresses. What makes it different from the others? All the outfits are designed by independent designers, which means all the products will be changed and unique. 

They employ a team of professional buyers that identify the latest trends and test the quality to ensure you get high quality at prices that will suit your pocket. 

What makes Candieslady unique? 

As mentioned, above the site specializes in women’s wear that are designed by some select independent designers. The garments available are sure to be unique and each different and more unusual than the first. 

If you like floral prints, then you will like their range of printed floral dresses. Everything from wrap and maxi dresses to mini dresses are up for sale on the site. 

Its dedication to sticking selling just one type of product will not confuse customers, thus making it a unique site to shop. 

Specifications of Candieslady website 

  • Product- women’s clothing and accessories 
  • Website-
  • Email- not provided 
  • Phone number- not provided 
  • Delivery time- anywhere between 13-25 business days 
  • Shipping fee- for 15-20 days you pay $12, for 15-30 days you pay $10 
  • Exchange- will be processed as refunds 
  • Returns- within 15 days from the delivery date 
  • Refunds- no clarity provided 
  • Online Payment- visa card, master card, Discover, Diner Club, American Express, etc.

Pros of using the Candieslady website 

  • An HTTPS connection secures site 
  • Secure online payment is allowed 
  • It is selling and promoting clothing by independent designers 
  • The prices of each product are reasonable and affordable 
  • Provides users with online tracking of the order on the website 

Cons of using the Candieslady website

  • You can only make online payments 
  • the customer will have to pay shipping costs when making returns 
  • contact information is complete, provides no email or phone number 
  • shows no social media presence 
  • there are no customer reviews provided 
  • the site recently created 

Customer remarks for Candieslady website

As mentioned in this post above, no reviews of the Candieslady website are available on the site or online. It has an About us page but is rather vague, which generates suspicions. 

While going through the site, you will also find out that the website lacks the necessary information in the ‘contact us’ section. There is instead a text provided where you will need to fill out the details of the issue you need addressing. Such shoddy work usually lands websites in trouble. 

Websites must provide transparency to see their business boom. The customer today is wiser and will put his/her money where they can see it. 

Final Verdict- 

After reading this Candieslady Reviewsyou may have understood that the site shows some positive signs and some negative. 

It isn’t easy to hand the site a thumbs up, but you can purchase if you wish to. We want you to tread carefully and share reviews with other readers and us if you have made a purchase. 

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