Cleanyos com Reviews [July] Is The Website Legit or Not?

Cleanyos com Reviews [July] Is The Website Legit or Not? -> In this article, you get to know about an online store that offers a vast selection of cleaning sprays and sanitizers for a clean and germ-free home.

Are you in search of a powerful cleaning agent that would help you achieve a crystal clean home? Check out the

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining a clean house. For this, you also need a cleaning agent in the form of disinfectants and sprays that would effectively wipe away any virus and bacteria present in the confines of your living space. 

A good disinfectant, sanitizers, and cleaning sprays go a long way in keeping you and your family healthy and free of diseases.

Read the full Cleanyos com Reviews to know about a site selling various products aimed to help you achieve a clean house.

Over the past few months, we have observed that several sites have come up that claim to offer a variety of home cleaning products. The products promise to get rid of the dirt and bacteria in your house. 

The products that they offer may work well, but we don’t know how many of the sites are legitimate ones that you can trust. Hence by reading  Cleanyos Reviewsyou will get to know about one such website which has recently started offering such products in the United States.

What is

It is an online store that offers a wide range of home cleaners like disinfectants, sprays, cleaning wipes, and sanitizers. They also provide toilet, kitchen, and bathroom cleaners at reasonable prices. Currently, the site is running a three-day flash sale and is offering a range of discounts on many of their products.


  • Website type: Online store offering a wide range of home disinfectants, sprays, and cleaners. Email:
  • Shipping time: Not mentioned in the site
  • Delivery time: 2-3 business days
  • Return: 90-day return policy can be availed
  • Refund: Same as above
  • Shipping charge: Free shipping above $50
  • Cancellation of order: Not mentioned in the site
  • Contact number: +1 (330) 650-3333
  • Address: Hudson OH 44 236, 2180 Barlow Rd
  • Mode of payment: PayPal

Is legit?

Legitimacy is the most critical aspect of a site. Without establishing legitimacy, a website cannot hope to win customers and be in the business for long. We looked at this site carefully and have concluded that the site is not legitimate.

The site does not have an ‘About’ page, which diminishes its credibility in our eyes. There are no customer reviews on the website or outside on the internet. They have provided false social media links, and their social media presence is lacking. 

But the most crucial reminder of this site being a scam is that they are selling the famous brand ‘Lysol’ products on their website at a sale. Cleanyos com Reviews say all these reasons are sufficient to call this site an illegitimate one. 

Pros of buying products from

  • A wide range of sanitizers, cleaning sprays, and disinfectants offered.
  • The site offers a lot of discounts on its products and is currently running a three-day flash sale.
  • Free shipping can be availed on products over $50
  • The website has an SSL certificate, ensuring the safety of your information.
  • The site offers a DHL tracking service on its orders.

Cons of buying products from

  • COD is not available.
  • There is meager customer traffic on the site.
  • No social media presence on the website.
  • The site sells products of the famous brand ‘Lysol.’ 
  • There is no ‘About’ page, and the content and graphics appear copied from the Lysol website.

What people are saying about

There are no customer reviews regarding this site anywhere. As it is recently registered, we do not think that many people are aware of it. 

However, in many places, we found this site to be referred to as a scam. Thus we don’t think that you should trust this site with your money.

Final verdict:

As conclusion, we would never recommend you navigate this site and think about buying the products here. Lack of an ‘About’ page, malicious social media links, absence of customer traffic, and Cleanyos com Reviews and copied content and graphics from the Lysol official website make us arrive at this verdict. 

Hence, all the shortcomings lead us to believe that this site is just a scam and not legit, it intended to lure customers into buying fake products branded as Lysol. The site is not legitimate and trustworthy.

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