Easy Cool Breeze Portable Air Conditioner [July] Legit?

Easy Cool Breeze Portable Air Conditioner [July] Legit? -> This article will help you with the information about a website that sells impressive portable air coolers.

Do you also feel like carrying your air conditioner with you when you go out of the house? Do you even think of something to keep you relieved of the hot sun and sweating? Read further about the Easy Cool Breeze Portable Air Conditioner to affirm that things you thought are possible now.

Those who work in an open field or spend most of their time in a non-cooling area feel that they need a portable cooler. There were times when we were kids, and while playing on the grounds, we used to think about such gadgets that would provide a cool breeze without electricity. 

Along these lines, here we are revealing to you that your desires worked out as expected. The Breeze Blast is available in the United States, chilling you off fastly and remarkably the first portable air conditioner.

What is Breeze Blast?

Breeze Blast is an air cooler that is portable and has been launched in the markets of the United States. It is similar to the standard size of a water bottle. It extracts cold air for a continuous 30-40 minutes at once. It doesn’t make a difference where you are using it; you can get away from the heat with this little air conditioner. 

These are available in three colors, blue, grey, and white, with three blast-ice packs in a set and a USB Power Cable. 

The Easy Cool Breeze Portable Air Conditionerreveals that it is easy to carry it in your hand and your pocket. Its usage is not restricted to any ground, office, home, or even camping.

Who is Breeze Blast for

The people have purchased this portable air cooler and were glad to utilize it. This item is reasonable for the individuals who can’t manage the cost of an AC or are at a spot that doesn’t have the power to install air coolers.

Let us now check its advantages and disadvantages below.


  • Easily fits in the pockets and is easy to carry.
  • Ice packs can be reused.
  • It can be taken everywhere and used anywhere.
  • Ice cubes can be used as replaceable with ice packs.


  • It has a short-run span and does not run the entire night.
  • Cannot charge it without the USB cable.

How does Breeze Blast work?

  1. Ice packs or ice cubes must be used to fill it.
  2. The cooler is charged with batteries or USB cable.
  3. There is a power button on the backside, which is then clicked to turn it on.
  4. Also, the same button is pressed to turn it off.

There is an automatic system in this cooler that it turns off after 30-40 minutes. However, it can be turned on again and used until it is discharged. It will work until the ice cubes are there in it, or the ice packs are chilled.


  • Website link: https://getbreezeblast.com/
  • Website type: A website that sells portable air cooler
  • Shipping time: The site does not mention
  • Delivery time: There is no information about it
  • Cancellation: No mention about the cancellation as well
  • Exchange: Yes 
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Return: 30 days from the date of order receipt
  • Shipping charge: $6.99
  • Company location: Not mentioned on the site
  • Email id: breezeblast@customerstatus.com
  • Contact: 1-800-240-1058 
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal

Customer Reviews

The site has no ‘About Us’ page, nor is there any data about the organization. In any case, the item they are conveying has great surveys on the web and the amazon and youtube. 

There was a transport driver who used to drive transport without a climate control system. He purchased this item and posted his audit that he was profoundly happy with it when he utilized this Breeze Blast during summers when it was blistering. 

Even though others whose remarks make this item genuine, the issue has a few disservices. This air cooler doesn’t work for a more drawn out span and expects power to charge. It could be a hindrance during the force cut on hot radiant days. 

In any case, discussing the item’s genuineness, the surveys uncover that the thing is stunning and genuine.


After watching the above audits, we can say that the Easy Cool Breeze Portable Air Conditioner is legit. Although the site has no data about the proprietor and has no outside connections, it appears to convey an authentic product.

We offer this item a go-ahead and wave a green banner for you if you are going to put in a request now. 

Have you ordered Breeze Blast yet? Kindly share your experience here in the comments section below.

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