Is Boours com Legit {June} – Is It the legit Business?

Is Boours com Legit {June} – Is It the legit Business? -> This post gets you accustomed to the reviews of a simple and unique online store for women apparel and accessories.

Does simple styling with a little touch of class entice you? Are you one of those who choose to dress classy? 

For the decent clothes lovers out there, one new website has come to existence to satisfy your refined tastes. But IsBoourscomlegit? Is the primary question that we will be answering in this article. While people love the latest styles and are going all sassy and colorful with their clothes, some choose to remain on the lighter side and go easy on their clothes without losing their connection to style. 

Boours com is a new website coming out in the United States to meet the requirements of people who prefer to wear decent clothes and like to maintain their reputation as someone who stays updated with the latest trends. 

Take the help of genuine Boours com Reviews before you buy classy apparel online from this amateur website. 


Unfortunately, there are high chances of this website being a scam. The site is just a few months old, and the life span of the domain name is shorter than usual. The description on the website seems like there are alot of rules for buying from this site and fewer facilities are given to the customer.

The site on the traffic is too low, and there are no trustworthy Boourscom Reviews as well. The site has a secure HTPPS connection, but this reason is not enough to make us say that it is a safe place to use your money for shopping purposes. Infact, there is a high possibility that this website is a scam and we not at all recommend to shop from this women’s clothes store online.

What is Boours com? 

Boours com is an online store selling classy and straightforward women clothes, accessories, apparels, jewelry, etc. The site is enriched with several options to buy the fanciest and elegant dresses, and even the accessories collection appears beautiful. 

The website is filled with the most cooling clothing options for summers and is an excellent pick for the one who opts for comfortable styling instead of conforming to the norms of today’s modern world.

Okay, but how about their charges? Do they offer a discount? Is Boours com legit?

How do we even identify if this site is a scam? 

Hold the questions, because you are about to get all the answers!

Specifications of Boours com

  • Website type- Women clothing and accessories
  • Shipping time- 3-5 business days
  • Delivery time- 5-12 days 
  • Exchange- applicable
  • Return- applicable (item to be returned in 14 days)
  • Shipping charge- $4.99
  • Cancellation of order- to be done in an hour of placing an order
  • Company contact number- (304) 444-3387
  • Company address- Babbling Brook Dr, 15, Raleigh, NC 27610 United StatesEmail address-
  • Mode of payment- PayPal

Pros of buying from Boours com

  • Different styles and classy clothes 
  • Timely delivery 
  • All the items are of supreme quality 
  • Return, exchange, and cancellation of the order is applicable 

Cons of buying from Bours com  

  • Sale items cannot be returned or refunded 
  • The pricing of most things is expensive 
  • COD is not allowed 
  • No discounts are available 
  • 10% fee to be deducted on returned items 

What are the customers saying about Boours com? 

To attract a customer, the most important thing is the discount, and it has been four months since the creation of the website, and there are no discounts seen at all. Some of the customers have discussed the topic-‘Is Boours com legit?’ on various platforms, and the answers are less favorable. 

There are no customer reviews observed that can confirm the legitimacy of the site. There is an absence of social media presence; no matter if the website is new in the market, having social media presence is necessary. 

Final Verdict

This is a website created four months ago, and the domain name life is also short, which is a big reason that website is not in the market for a long haul and can be a scam. No social media presence also triggers the doubt of it not being legitimate. Though the website is SSL encrypted and they have provided the address of the company and contact number.

But the other reasons have more weight, and it is not suggested to buy from this site even the clothing styles on the site mesmerizes you. With so many red signals, it would not be wise to buy from this site. 

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