Is Sanouva Store Legit [May] Is It A Scam or Legit?

Is Sanouva Store Legit [May] Is It A Scam or Legit? -> Can you ever purchase an intelligent device and secure baby products online? We are here to answer you with all the intricate details.

Only a dwelling place feels like heaven when both infants and homes are safe from dangers, thefts, and other wrong-doings. Do you think the same way? 

We know that CCTV cameras and similar devices secure our home from unknown visitors, thefts, kidnapping, and suspicious activities. While searching for security devices and products for home and kids, we saw Sanouva Store reviews. The company operates in The United State and gives cost-effective tools. Let’s move forward to know about the store before adding the products in the cart and make sure your mind Is Sanouva Store Legit or not?

What is the Sanouva Store? is an e-commerce website that offers smart and cost-savvy appliances, tablets, camcorders, computers, cradles, audio systems, and many other items. The products are available in varied models and configurations that make our lives easy. If we buy products from this site, then we can entirely secure our kids and home from wrong-doing people. Numerous reputed brands such as Google, AMD, Philips, Yale, and much more are listed on the site at least and at discounted prices. 

Everything looks perfect, but Is Sanouva Store trustworthy? Are our payments secure? Well, we are here to give answers to your questions. 

Specification of Sanouva Store:

  • Website type: Smart devices and kid products
  • Delivery time: 5-7 days
  • Exchange: Applicable only when return payment is already paid
  • Return: Applicable 
  • Exchange: Applicable, within seven days after delivery
  • Contact number: +1 (424) 433-6419
  • Company address: Los Angeles, 727 N Broadway, CA 90012 United States
  • Email address: 
  • Payment Method: Paypal

Is Sanouva Store Legit?

Sanouva Store has enlisted numerous products on its website that are provided to you with free shipping. The site has a no-minimum order policy that entices us to purchase appliances, devices, and baby products. Company address, email ID, customer service, phone number, and everything else is given on the website that makes us believe that there are zero loopholes for non-communication feature. The products have a well-explained description that provides us with insight into how they work. Nevertheless, the address given on is acknowledged for a restaurant on google maps. 

Benefits of buying from Sanouva Store:

  • Functional products and devices
  • Free shipping
  • Explained product information
  • Fast delivery period

Cons of Buying from Sanouva Store:

  • No company background
  • No payment option besides PayPal
  • Duplicate address
  • Contradicting SSL certification statement

What do we say about the Sanouva Store?

Firstly, we cross-checked the address to find the legitimacy of the website. To our disappointment, the address is registered for a restaurant instead of a store. It gives us a setback to claim the website a legit store. Secondly, it has provided over three email IDs, and we are not sure which ID they will reply sooner or later.

Thirdly, the products have no reviews neither on its website nor on different sites. It confuses us because the products are cheap, the description is detailed, and shipping is free, yet there are no reviews available from the existing buyers. Lastly, does not have any social media engagement that can contradict our thoughts about its legitimacy.

Final Words

When some details do not stand on the legitimacy details of a website, then we have all the rights to conclude it as a scam. Let’s begin with the company’s address that is listed as a restaurant on google. Can we trust the Sanouva Store on this factor? No, we cannot. On one of the policies, the site claims that it uses an SSL interface to secure your personal and payment details. This statement is entirely false because the website does not even have any security interface that can also obtain our browsing history and cookies.  

The site thinks that giving four email IDs to contact alongside phone number will make us believe it. Well, it looks fantastic and organized at first, but when the address is wrong, how can we trust the number and email IDs! If it is not enough, then the products are hi-end branded, but they are exceptionally cheap. Can we ever find such branded appliances, security cameras, and baby products in any store or even thrift stores? The answer is never!

In our final words, we conclude is an online scam store that earns from us by fooling and trapping us with their attractive pricing and offers. We are waiting for you to share your experience. 

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