Megababe Hand Sanitizer Reviews [April] Trust Worthy Store?

Megababe Hand Sanitizer Reviews [April] Trust Worthy Store? >> This post will give you insight regarding a new all-natural and vegan hand sanitizer.

If you are reading this review, then you have been on the lookout for hand sanitizers. Reading this Megababe Hand Sanitizer Reviews should give you the required knowledge regarding a new one in the market. 

Sanitizers have become increasingly important as they provide an instant cleanse to your hands. A sanitizer with 60% alcohol will provide a cleanse that is as good as a hand wash. However, they usually have a high alcohol content in them, which is why sanitizers are known to wipe off the moisture along with germs. 

This review will uncover little tidbits regarding the Megababe hand sanitizer that gathered good reviews in the United States

What is Megababe Hand Sanitizer?

The sanitizer is a product of the online store Megagbabe that sells personal care products. The site has been in the news for its thigh rescue product. It tells us that the brand is legit. 

However, giving the current situation numerous brands have been trying their hands at selling sanitizers. Is it to make a quick buck? We do not know if this is what Megababe is trying to do. 

It does claim that their sanitizer is FDA approved and uses a vegan formula that uses plant-based alcohol. They also avoid animal testing. 

You must read this review till the very end to find out is Megababe Hand Sanitizer legit or not. 

Ingredients used in the product

The brand remains transparent regarding the products used in their sanitizer. 

  • 60% ethyl alcohol 
  • Sweet almond, oil which provides hydration and also boosts collagen production. 
  • Marula oil is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acid-rich powerhouse. 
  • Germanium oil is an essential oil that has healing and tightening properties. 

All these products are natural and nourish your hands after every cleanse. They also mention that they use entirely vegan products, even alcohol. 

Benefits of using Megababe Hand Sanitizer

The website mentions the following benefits of using the Megababe Hand Sanitizer.

  • The product is FDA approved 
  • It will kill 99.9% of the germs. 
  • It uses 60% ethyl alcohol. For a sanitizer to be effective, it must have 60 % alcohol content in it. 
  • They mention being completely vegan—even alcohol. 
  • The sanitizer comprises of marula oil, geranium oil and sweet almond oil. These together ensure your hands are soft and hydrated after every use. 
  • The brand mentions that they do not use any PEGs, EDTAS, parabens, phthalates, sulphates and more. 
  • The small 59ML/2fl oz bottle of the Megababe Sanitizer can fit in your bags or keep on your work tables. 
  • They do not perform any product testing on animals, so they are also cruelty-free. 

is Megababe Hand Sanitizer legit? 

If you have been wondering if it is legit or not, then you must read the pointers below. 

  • The website provides transparency regarding the material used in its making. 
  • Their contact section of the site provides customers with an email id- 
  • They are active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 
  • An address provided by Megababe online store tells us that they are based out of Milwaukee, United States. 
  • The site uses an SSL certificate to ensure the safety of their customer’s information such as the card details. 
  • However, they are currently only selling in the United States.  
  • The site does not provide a phone number in the contact details. 

For the most part, the Megababe Hand Sanitizer sounds legit. It remains transparent with its customers. The site does not provide a phone number, which is off putting. 

Customer Reviews 

These reviews below have been collected from their website and their social media handles. 

Patrice Chapman comments that she has sensitive skin and most sanitizers gave her a rash but not Squeaky clean. The formula is light yet sturdy, and it comes in a travel-friendly size as well. She concludes by saying that the bottle can fit in my pocket or wallet. 

An Instagrammer named bstev090 comments that she had to unfollow and unsubscribe to the brands emails as they do not deliver in Canada. 

User Rachael comments that the squeaky-clean sanitizer sanitizes without drying the skin. She was sceptical about purchasing the product, but it turned out to be amazing. 

Final Verdict- 

To conclude, you can choose to purchase the Megababe Hand Sanitizer or not to. Its ingredients are all-natural and safe to use. The company sounds legit, and you can go through their social media pages to understand better. 

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