Reasance Club Reviews [April] Is It Scam or Not?

Reasance Club Reviews [April] Is It Scam or Not? -> You must read this review if you have been searching for online home décor items.

Have you been searching for products to decorate your house? Then you must read this Reasance Club Reviews

Your house reflects you and every little piece of ornament you decorate it with must be exquisite. A lot of us search for items that make every nook and cranny make the house feel more welcome. It makes us search the internet high and low. 

This review will talk about a brand that is currently selling in the United States and the products it is selling. Apart from that, we will be discussing if the brand is legit or not! You must read this review till the very end to find that out. 

What is the Reasance Club Reviews? 

It is an e-commerce site that sells home centric products. These include furniture, entertainment accessories, other decorative items. The site is divided into the following categories- 

  • Kids shop and essentials- this section contains baby entertainment and care products. It includes stuffed animals, diaper bags, quilts, toys, baby room wall decorations, photo cards and some clothing items. 
  • Lighting- this section of the Reasance Club website contains lighting fixtures such as lamps, chandeliers, sconce’s, flush mounts and lanterns. These are available in the regular glass fixture styles to more elaborate macramé and embroidered techniques. 
  • Room décor- this section presents you with decorative pillows, hanging planters, pitchers, throw blankets, maisonette trays, scented candles and some marble canisters. 
  • Stationery- everything from books, mesh pouches, desk storage boxes, notebooks, note jotters, graphite pencils, matt black stapler and a matt black tape dispenser. 

The products available are appealing! However, the prices are far too high for some primary products that can be purchased for cheaper. 

Is this site for you? 

The Reasance Club is perfect for all those looking for products to redecorate their homes. These products will not take up a lot of space, especially their hanging planters. Their maisonette jute pillows could be a fabulous addition to your dark coloured sofa sets or beds. 

The site has numerous printed, embroidered or textured fabric room décor and lighting fixtures which may change the whole look of your home. They are experimental and unlike what you would find in other stores. 

You must keep in mind that a purchase from this site could put a dent on your pocket. The products are more expensive than expected. 

is Reasance Club legit? 

A common question numerous people ask regarding these new sites must be “is the site legit.” The pointers below tell you is Reasance Club legit or not!


  • The layout of the site is white, which makes the product images pop out. 
  • The user interface makes it easy for new customers to create swift purchases from the website. 
  • Each product has a detailed explanation that tells you its dimensions. They also provided clear pictures for better analysis. 
  • Its shipping details are obvious and precise. They even mention the courier services used to deliver you the product on time. 
  • The address provided by the website tells us that they are set up in Omaha, Nebraska, in the United States
  • Its contact details are complete with a phone number- +12563695004 and an email id-
  • The refunds policy too seems to provide ample information. For a refund, you must ensure you are returning the product in the best condition.


  • The products are more expensive than expected. A meagre scented candle is priced at $63. 76. 
  • You will spot numerous other products that are not in its product categories. 
  • The site shows that it has active social media pages. However, when you click on them, you will be redirected to its best seller’s page. 
  • Reasance Club has a recent creation date address. 
  • Its layout and the products on the site match already existing sites, which is not a good sign. 
  • The site also lacks any reviews. 

To conclude, the website doesn’t completely sound like a scam. It does not lack transparency, but the price of each product is high and may not fit everybody’s budget. 

Final Verdict-  

This review has tried to share with the advantages as well as the disadvantages regarding the Reasance Club websiteLike always, it is advised to be a smart customer and read up all that is possible regarding the site. 

Readers, if you have purchased from this site before then, you must share your good/bad reviews with us. You can do that by writing to us in the comments below.

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  • Antonio Bullock
    Posted May 23, 2020 5:13 pm 0Likes

    DON’T purchase ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! I ORDERED items in April for WORKOUT EQUIPMENT, first of ALL it took a month to get here coming from CHINA!! Then they sent me 2 FACE MASK THAT I DID NOT ORDER, instead of what I originally ordered!!! Then on top of all this…there’s no one you can talk too, bc the phone number is out of service!!! Customer service IS NO GOOD!!!! This isn’t a GOOD COMPANY!! ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Save yourself some TIME and MONEY, and ORDER from a more POSITIVE AND PRODUCTIVE COMPANY!!!!!

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